The Great Gatsby is among the most celebrated piece of art in American literature, because along with a gorgeous love story it captured the whole essence of an era, knowing as the Roaring Twenties – the time of unprecedented social and technological changes in lifestyle and music.

This decade is also referred to Jazz Era and the term has much as much do with jazzy and swingy atmosphere. This music style could be characterized by its twelve bars patterns, full of syncopations and, of course, improvisations. My intention was to explore how it could be it translated into book typography.

That’s why I have picked the most remarkable jazz tunes from 1920’s – which could be hypothetically played at Gatsby’s parties – to highlight the furious rhythm of the Roaring Twenties.

The following work is a visual experiment, a study of how music of this era, its rhythms, syncopations and patterns could alter prose to a new typographic frontiers keeping content legible as it could be.

All layouts were produced by generative method where authentic music scores were translated into text position, its size and, of course, a selection of typeface.

This project is a practical support for my BA dissertaion about prospects of generative typography.